Harness System Innovation

Enliten Harness System – BE Smith Family Center

full building harness system

Variety KC is bringing a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience for children with special needs in Kansas City. For the first time in the nation, the new BE Smith Family Center, which houses the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center, will have the most
complete track harness system to ever be installed in a facility. Variety KC’s harness system allows a child with special needs to move up and down, side to side, right and left, backwards and forwards, down to the ground and back up…just like all other kids.

To bring the system to KC, Variety KC worked with Ralph Cope of Enliten LLC, designer of the adaptive therapy track harness system.

Other mobility devices (gait trainers, walkers, lite gait harnesses) create barriers for social inclusion, but at the new B.E. Smith Family Center, there will be multiple classrooms and therapy spaces outfitted with this harness system.  Now, for the first time, a child with special needs can freely move everywhere within their environment, hands free, like never before!

The result is safer for the child, safer for therapists and caregivers, and according to Dr. Ann Modrcin of Children’s Mercy Hospital, a Variety KC board member, “this will change how therapy is delivered in the future.” It is so empowering for these kids who don’t normally experience the world from this position. We have installed portable systems before, but this will serve the entire building, particularly the feeding tube therapy room where being upright is the preferred position.