Variety KC’s goal is to highlight the innovative inclusive efforts of the new KCI Terminal, which in turn will put Kansas City at the forefront of our global inclusion revolution. We feel that these efforts will help encourage other cities to follow our lead and continue the movement of inclusivity which is long overdue. To ensure this happens, the efforts must be sustainable, and the message constantly refreshed. We understand it is not enough to simply showcase the efforts during the building or launch of the terminal, there must be an ongoing marketing effort to ensure usage and recognition of the space.

The special needs population represents one in four Kansas Citians, or specifically, 26% of our community.  Unfortunately, this population is hidden because they live every single day in a world not built for them.  And the general public, sadly, does not recognize this population until it personally affects them.  It is Variety KC’s mission to change this and bring this population front and center, and we do believe that the times are changing.  By designating elements to remove barriers, and encourage engagement, the special needs population will become more and more involved and finally “seen.”

Variety KC is so proud of the new KCI Terminal! It is the ultimate effort in a city that is becoming more and more inclusive. Our role and goal in this effort is to ensure the spaces are sustainable and that information gets in front of the targeted audience not only today, but in the years and decades ahead.

Variety KC would like to be the liaison to share the efforts of our great city. We are the right partner because we represent all disabilities, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome – in fact, all cognitive or physical disabilities.

Variety KC will  to create a video using Variety KC Kids to showcase all the inclusive efforts of the new terminal when completed. This video would be made available to KCI for its efforts, promoted on Variety KC for local interest, and  made available to Variety chapters around the nation (and globe) to inform potential visitors to KC. This can be expanded, and blogs updated as users experience the area and submit testimonials and photos. And with our media partners and relationships, we know that we can get this word out, highlighting the great work that Kansas City and the KCI Terminal is doing.  Everything from printing boarding passes to waiting in lines at the baggage carousel. Children with special needs, and even adults who are anxious about flying for the first time, benefit from seeing the space and processes that travel involves. A video showing all the inclusive steps KCI has taken will serve as a familiarization process known to benefit children with special needs. An additional benefit can be seen through economic inclusion. Families who haven’t flown, are less likely to encourage future generations to fly. The fear of the unknown is a powerful motivator.

In addition to the Maddox Simulator Room and Molly Sensory Room, Variety is committed to promoting the Accessible Parking, Universal Changing Stations, both inside and outside, the Security Area.

On an ongoing basis, Variety will also provide links and information to Customer Service for the following:


  • People can arrange tours of the sensory/ simulator rooms.


  • Sensory Kits available for free at Customer Service


  • Maps of the Universal Changing Stations, designated Quiet Spaces, Meditation rooms, private changing areas and more.
  • Information on Pet relief areas for Service Dogs. If it is discovered that transportation through the terminal is needed, Variety KC would fund an Inclusive Cart. Additional note:  When traveling with guide dogs and wheelchairs, it is necessary to contact airline personnel in advance. Having a marked, adapted, and designated space to get through security would make it easier on families and TSA.


  • Accessible bus in all parking lots


  • Accessible transportation information for travelers needing taxis, shuttles, uber, etc.


Variety KC will help complete the above tasks by using our Family Play Area and interactive selfie station to promote ALL inclusive efforts in the Terminal.  The QR Code will allow visitors to review all the benefits that are offered at the KCI Terminal.  In addition, Variety KC will promote the efforts with an on-going marketing campaign, which will include traditional media, social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and more.

Variety KC serves and targets the community who will be using and needing these services. We are the recognized leader of KC’s #inclusionrevolution, and we are proud and excited to demonstrate what our city can do!

Variety KC is the obvious liaison for inclusive messaging based on our expertise on the subject, as well as the successes we have showcased throughout the entire city over the many years we have been pushing our global inclusion revolution.  Variety KC serves and targets the community who will not only be using these services but needs these services.  It is a vital necessity to these one in four Kansas Citians. We are the recognized leader of KC’s #inclusionrevolution, and we are proud and excited to demonstrate what our city can do!  We will not stop until every child, and adult, can be active, be social, and belong, and we need YOU to help make this possible.