Variety KC believes every child should have the chance to Be Active, Be Social, and Belong. One way to achieve all three is by riding a bike.

For a child with physical or cognitive disabilities, simply buying a bike at the local store isn’t possible. There are so many considerations when adapting a bike for a child with limited use of legs, arms, sight, or core strength. The first and foremost consideration is safety.

Variety KC works with adaptive bike manufacturers who have literally engineered for any scenario, and combination of needs. These bikes are built for mobility, therapy, for fun and freedom! Because the bikes are so specialized, the cost is significantly higher than a traditional bike.

The results of owning such a bike are the same. It allows a child to gain strength and get much needed physical activity without even realizing it! It allows a child to transition from a bystander to a participant, peddling alongside family and friends in the community.

For a child living in a world that isn’t built for him or her, an adaptive bike means freedom, independence, and inclusion.

Money can’t buy happiness – but it can buy a bike, and isn’t that the same thing?