Variety KC partners with not-for-profit organizations around the area, and we were impressed by this request from a very caring teacher at Blue River Elementary. 

I have the privilege of teaching two students who are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Our Physical Therapist provides the students with different positioning that is necessary for proper growth and range of motion. However, it is noticed that the general education population is uncomfortable with some of this equipment, such as a stander, because it makes the child taller and the amount of space it takes up prevents general education students from getting closer to their special peer. With this system, mobility disadvantaged students will now be capable of group interaction with peers, compared to the restraint of a wheelchair or stander, which limits independent interaction.”

This PUMA device would improve classroom connectivity for those with mobility deficits and peers. The harness system will allow students with mobility deficits to work together at the same level as peers allowing enhanced independence/social interaction. Research shows that improved mobility leads to greater learning for all populations. We would like to purchase the PUMA system and harness to accommodate elementary sized children, while the flexibility of the portable system will allow for utilization in all environments which will increase learning and social opportunities for all students.

Both of the students at Blue River Elementary school are social and engaging. One has the most beautiful smile, while the other is a little ornery and laughs at teachers when they do things wrong. Watching them more closely connect with other students would be amazing!

For example, how exciting to see a table set up with a train set (one student just loves to play with Thomas the Tank trains) – and now, he can move independently move around the area to play with his friends without the restraint of his wheelchair!”

Variety KC knew we need to make this happen for all the kids at Blue River Elementary, and through generous donors and supporters like you – it was made possible!  Help all kids to connect at school, at home, and wherever possible – donate today at   #inclusionrevolution

Thank you!