Disability: Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21, Dysphagia, Low Muscle Tone, ASD/PFO, Severe Gastritis, Developmental and Speech Delay, GERD and Supraglottoplasty 

Ayaan has down syndrome trisomy 21. His mom shares that he has low muscle tone and is unable to do regular OT/PT activities like a regular 5 year old would. He is unable to walk long distances.  Physical Therapy is very hard for him so an adaptive, modified Variety KC car will encourage him to play more outside and help strengthen his muscle tone. He loves cars so this would be a tremendous gift for him and we would be blessed if he was able to get it. Mom would like Ayaan to be an independent child and be able to do regular tasks like his peers.  Thank you Variety KC for helping Ayaan be more social and get exercise outside with friends.