Everett is a vibrant 2 year old who absolutely loves being active. He has an older sister, Lily, who he enjoys playing with the most. Lily has a motorized car that she enjoys riding around, and Everett wants nothing more than to keep up with her. Due to his low muscle tone, he is unable to ride in her car (as it’s a safety hazard). He is unable to use any motorized cars or push cars, due to his low muscle tone and not having the ability to either push the car or the pedal with his legs/feet. Just thinking about the possibility of Everett being able to play cars outside with his big sister brings tears to my eyes! Having a ride-on car would do so much for his social and vocalization skills.


Everett turned 2 in July and is just now able to take a few steps. He is significantly delayed in his gross motor skills and typically has to be carried by a parent. Between medical bills or therapy bills, our family does not have a great deal of extra money to be able to purchase a car like this on our own.

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