Henry is an amazing, little soul. He lights up every room he enters, his laughter is pure joy. He is never defeated, he is determined, resourceful and strong willed. He always finds a way to achieve his goal. He doesn’t only have unlimited grace for himself, he has it for everyone around him. He is a cheerleader for all those he encounters, and can often be heard saying things like, good job, you’ve got it, don’t worry just keep trying, I will help you.

Henry, no longer an infant, now needs modifications on a much grander scale, which of course brings more cost and specific technical skills. We always explore the resources we have, such as insurance, to cover the modifications he needs. Sadly, since Henry’s medical condition is very rare and atypical, we are more often than not met with lengthy delays and repeated rejections. We even had to battle the insurance company for many months to get him a wheelchair! We have a modest dual income household that serves our family of nine, including two other high medical needs children. As a family we try to do the best we can to prioritize Henry’s needs above most other things, oftentimes they even take the forefront to things such as bills and important house repairs if that’s what needs to happen. Even still, some projects are beyond our means.

It’s so important that children like Henry feel included and excepted. Providing simple things like a bike, is a huge deal for him and he doesn’t understand why it’s hard to come by. We are so thankful organizations like yours that help fill the gap. Please help Variety KC help kids like Henry Be Active, Be Socail and BELONG! Donate to Varietykc.org