Meet Jose!  He is 18 year old and has a right below knee amputee. He was born with fibular hemimelia, which means he was missing a bone in his right leg and half of his foot. When 3 years old, he had a right below knee amputation at the Shriners in Spokane, Washington. A prosthesis allows him to do anything he want to do. He is enrolled in college and enjoys recreational activities, hanging out with family and friends, and loves soccer. He hope one day to become a prosthetist.

Fibular hemimelia is a birth defect where part or all of the fibularbone is missing, as well as associated limb length discrepancy, foot deformities, and knee deformities. Fibular hemimelia (FH) is a very rare disorder, occurring in only 1 in 40,000 births.

Variety KC helped pay for Jose’s new leg to help him be ACTIVE, BE SOCIAL and BELONG!A  Note from Jose to Variety:  I like to think I’m athletic, but my friends might disagree. I am bilingual. I love to read, and especially enjoy a good mystery novel. My friends and I play soccer on a regular basis. I would like that my friends and family think I’m thoughtful and caring. I enjoy helping and caring for other people. I always strive to treat others like I would myself.   #inclusionrevolution #varietykc #soccer