Disability: Global Developmental Delay

Miles is a sweet, fun loving, adventure seeking 3 year old. He loves to go on rides and is a little dare devil despite his physical challenges. Miles also loves to play in the car. He as a limited vocabulary, but he often says car because he loves to go in the car and push buttons, dance to the radio, etc. He loves to be outside/play in the summer.  

Miles attends multiple therapy sessions a week and always tries so hard. Despite his challenges in life, he always has a smile on his face and is always so persistent. I’m often reminded to do this is my life as he’s a constant reminder to me to never give up. Miles love of cars and desire to always want to be outside would make him the perfect candidate for a ride-on car.

Miles’ limited gross/fine and cognitive skills prevents him from operating a regular powerwheel. Thank you Variety for providing him with a Variety KC- Go Baby Go Adaptive Car!