Meet Nate, a young man with a lot to offer. Nate has been diagnosed with
Autism, Down Syndrome, intellectual disability, and hypothyroidism. He has minimal, purposeful verbal communication. However, Nate knows many words, it’s just that due to his disability, he is not able to put words together meaningfully (semantics). This has impacted his ability to participate in community activities and form social relationships with peers. He has not been able to participate in the Down Syndrome Guild STARS activities because he needs support to assist him with communicating and when he does not have the language/communication skills to initiate social interactions, then he ends up just “observing” the activities and peers around him. With this device, along with Nate’s continued therapy support, we believe he can become a participant in social opportunities around him.

Variety KC partners understand the importance of communication and the role it plays in inclusion, and Nate received the device he needed.  Please help us make it possible for all kids to communicate to the best of their ability. Give today at

Thank you!