Abby is an active and caring young lady with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She uses AFO’s, or what most people call “leg braces,” to straighten her feet and help her walk better and fall less. She recently grew out of her leg braces and not eligible for insurance.

She loves playing outside with other kids, and is a very loving child with a bubbling personality and a big heart for animals. She loves making people smile and helping animals any way she can – in fact, she volunteers at a local animal shelter with her mom! 

The problem is, without her leg braces, Abby can’t do the things she loves and help out where she wants. With a heart like Abby’s, of course Variety KC wanted to step in and help. She’ll get her new braces and be back playing like before – something that gives her parents so much joy.

A big thank you to our Variety KC partners who made this happen for Abby.  If you would like to help other kids like Abby, right here in our community – donate today at

Thank you!