Alyssa is a charming little girl with the best eye lashes and gorgeous curly brown hair. She is always laughing and smiling, and truly cherished by her family and friends. Alyssa had a stroke in utero, (cerebrovascular insult) the results were global developmental delays – Alyssa is non-mobile and non-verbal. We’re sharing a letter from her mom:

Taking care of a special needs child doesn’t come with a handbook. No parent gets the chance to prepare for their life to change when their special needs child is born. While I was fortunate to have a great and healthy pregnancy, what I had not idea was my daughter Alyssa had a stroke. When we noticed Alyssa started having spasms, we weren’t sure what to do or where to go. Once we got help from her pediatrician and met a neurologist, an MRI confirmed she had a stroke in utero. Who knew that kids, let along newborn babies could have a stroke.?

My perspective on life has completely changed with my special needs daughter. Our family struggles daily with just the little things that we took for granted, like going to the store or out to dinner. Being able to get help from Variety KC will make our life a little simpler by providing us with a sense of security for our family as well as know that we are loved by others.

And Variety KC was able to provide that support and love through the gift of a communication device that gives Alyssa a “voice.”  Now she can use the device to let her family, friends, therapists, and teachers what she wants and needs. It’s a life-changer! Through her “voice,” Alyssa can more closely engage with others and experience less frustration. Please help Variety KC to give every child a voice!  Donate today at

Thank you!