Anie was diagnosed with a rare and unnamed genetic deletion and duplication disorder. (Slow motility)

Anje is a happy little girl who loves her life. She is everyone’s darling at home with family, at school, and out in the community.  Anje does not know that she is different from other children. She
laughs and plays, and likes to help in the kitchen, and snuggle on the couch for storybook time. But, her family knows that Anje has a rare genetic mutation that affects her globally. She has a string of diagnoses and none of them can stop her, especially with the right equipment. A tandem recumbent trike will provide Anje with an opportunity to enjoy exercising outdoors with her family. She loves pedaling her bike as the wind blows through her hair. From bike trailer, to tricycle, to WeeHoo, she was always ready to cycle for pleasure. And, while she is having fun, she is receiving all the benefits we all enjoy from exercise. Cycling helps Anje to overcome deficiencies of low muscle tone,
improves Anje’s core strength, and thus her breathing…….and helps her digestive system motility so that there are  fewer evenings with belly cramps. A tandem recumbent trike is perfect for Anje and her family, and this bike has the ability to grow with her as she continues to grow!  She will get many years out of this bike.

Knowing that Anie loves to cycle means she’ll be happily riding this bike for years to come. Every kid deserves the chance to ride a bike, please help Variety make it possible for all.  Donate today at    Thank you!