Meet the Kids – Arthur!

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Arthur’s mom explains:

“Art has a speech delay along with sensory and behavioral concerns. His primary communication is by pointing or directing you to his wants/needs, however lately he is showing an interest in using an app to point to pictures on my phone and that directs us to what he wants. This has helped calm down his tantrums and physical outbursts. We are currently a one working family of six. I have stayed home to take care of four kids, and both of our youngest have speech delays and multiple therapy sessions each week.”

They are attempting to purchase a family home and just don’t have the budget for a personal device and apps right now but know that it would make a world of difference for Art!

This letter was written before the #stayhome order was in place. Can you imagine being isolated with a young child who can’t communicate their needs and wants?  The personal devices they work on in therapy stay in therapy and when they get home, the frustration comes out.  In this case, there is no scheduled therapy because of COVID-19, so the lack of a device means the lack of progress for Art. Please help Variety KC make sure that all kids have a voice!  Donate today at

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