Autumn loves anything that allows her to play in the water, she loves movies, and more recently playing with her friends and family. She is so sweet and loving. She was diagnosed with autism with global delays in speech, social, and emotional delays. This meant she was unable to really verbalize anything to me and as a mom it was heartbreaking. She would get so upset when she could not be understood she would scream or bite or hit. She could not interact with her peers because she could not communicate with them and would get upset and hurt them or herself when they didn’t know what she was saying. This made going anywhere or doing anything impossible because I was worried she would get upset and act out due to the communication.

Variety was able to help us by supplying her with an ipad and a speech program she was able to use to communicate her needs. This program was able to be used in her speech therapy to help to be able to learn to say the words and to be used in school to use a voice she didn’t have to communicate her wants and needs with the teachers and other students. She was able to use it at home to tell me something as simple as ” I love you mom” which was the best thing ever. With the proloquo2go program she was able to explain what was going on in her head that she previously couldn’t get out into words.