Ben is 12-years-old and despite a diagnosis of hearing loss and Down Syndrome, he is really just “one of the guys!” 

He loves spending time with his mom, his siblings, and his peers. This August, Ben will be starting middle school and having a device with the appropriate software will go so far in making him more independent, more engaged, and more INCLUDED!  It will allow him to communicate his wants and needs, and best of all – it allows him to communicate with peers his own age. The frustration of being unable to communicate is tremendous, and having this portable device will reduce frustration and encourage opportunities to just “be one of the guys” hanging out with his friends and family. 

Variety KC knows that communication barriers are huge, but also can be remedied with technology, so Benjamin will have what he needs to participate more fully in life! Let’s make sure all kids have this chance – donate today at

Thank you!