Bethany is seven-years-old and in the second grade. At the age of one, Bethany suffered a major medical event called a brain  arteriovenous malformation – or AVM -which left her as an incomplete quadriplegic. She went through years of rehab to regain control of her head, arms and some hand function. Bethany overcomes some type of adversity every day, whether its doing school work, feeding herself, and playing with friends. Somehow she always manages to complete these tasks with a smile on her face. Bethany has a very strong personality and wants to be independent as much as possible and also likes to help others when she can. Her big thing now is learning to do dishes and clean the house without any help.

Bethany received a new wheelchair a little over a year ago and it is already in need of repairs and upgrades due to normal growth and wear and tear. The repairs will help her with everyday function, making her more comfortable and more importantly – keeping her body supported while she’s seated in her chair.

Here’s what Bethany’s mom has to say, “Just because a child has special needs does not mean they do not want to participate in activities or should be left out. My daughter wants to do everything all other kids her age like to do, sometimes its just a little harder for her to do them and takes a little extra time to complete them. Being able to participate means everything to kids with disabilities, it provides self-confidence and lets the child know they can play and accomplish things just like anyone else regardless of their disability. Inclusion to me means getting my daughter to be able to participate in as many “normal” activities as possible. To be able to go to a playground and play with her friends and not be pushed aside because she is in a wheelchair.”

Variety KC’s generous donors want Bethany to be able to participate wherever she wants and she’ll be getting those wheelchair updates. Please help Variety KC to help kids like Bethany to Be Active, Be Social and Belong. Donate today at