We recently received this note from some Variety KC parents, “Brigham is 4-years-old and all boy. He has strengths and struggles just like most children. He could ride a bike and learned to swim at age two. He has impressive problem-solving skills and likes to get into mischief. However, Brigham has his struggles too. He was diagnosed with Apraxia and while he is working toward approximating words, he still is difficult to understand and cannot form whole words or sentences. This causes frustration, stress, and anxiety for all of us. With an AAC device, so many doors would open for Brigham. By giving him a voice we would finally be able to see and hear what he is thinking and feeling. It would not only change Brigham’s life, but our entire family’s.”

Many of our Variety KC Kids have an Apraxia diagnosis. It is a “neurological disorder characterized by the inability to perform learned (familiar) movements on command, even though the command is understood and there is a willingness to perform the movement. Both the desire and the capacity to move are present but the person simply cannot execute the act.”  For example, a student may be taking a spelling test. They know the word, even know the spelling of the word – they just can’t get that word written on their paper at that moment. It’s frustrating, hard on self-esteem, and frequently leads to misunderstandings.

Variety KC Supporters understand the need for devices to assist our kids with Apraxia and they’ve made it possible for Brigham to have the tools he needs.  Please help us to help other kids like Brigham, your donation can give them a voice. www.varietykc.org/donate