Caleb is diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Autism. Because of his loss in muscle strength he is fully dependent on an adult and his wheelchair.

With all the odds against him, Caleb is the happiest kid we have ever seen. We call him “Sunshine” because he really is. Wherever he goes he shines with his beautiful smile and greeting everyone he meets. His world is so beautiful. He loves, greets everyone equally. He believes everyone is his friend. He  is continuously touching people’s life by having a happy spirit all the time.  For his condition, there is no exercise to help him gain strength but swimming and stretches helps. He loves being in the water where he doesn’t have to put weight on his feet. We are unable to carry him in and out of the pool. and we are afraid of him getting hurt during the transfer. Getting this pool lift will give him back the ability to enjoy swimming with his sibling.

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