Meet the Kids- Caleb!

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Disability: Spina Bifida + Hydrocephalus

Caleb is one of nine children, so as you can guess – finances are very tough!  Four years ago, he was lucky to get a used basketball wheelchair and he put it to very good use. But now, the safety straps keep breaking (not so safe) and since he doesn’t have replacement wheels, he has to use the wheels from his regular wheelchair – and they fall off!  Plus, after four years, he has outgrown the chair itself. 

His family doesn’t have the extra money to replace this chair and without it, Caleb will not be able to continue to play the sport that he loves and has played in since he was 7-years-old!  His entire family wants this so badly for Caleb and has offered to volunteer for Variety KC to help back back the costs. 

We love our Variety KC families – they have huge hearts!  And so do our Variety KC donors!  Caleb is getting his wheelchair because our supporters know how important activities are for physical health, and a sense of teamwork and independence. Help us to help other kids like Caleb – donate today at  

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