Chase had a rough start in life with years of multiple hospitalizations, nationwide doctor visits and an unknown diagnosis. Finally, we received answers from a genetic diagnosis that put the pieces together. He was diagnosed with Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome is a disorder that affects many parts of the body, particularly the heart (cardio-), facial features (facio-), and the skin and hair (cutaneous). People with this condition also have delayed development and intellectual disability.

But that doesn’t define Chase! He is an active 5th grade boy! He loves boy scouts, sports, and piano. He still is seen by several specialists and continues to have physical therapy, prosthetics and speech therapy. His beloved iPad was full of helpful apps and learning tools, but after 8 years it quit working. An iPad would be a valuable tool for Chase as he continues to work on his speech skills and continues to tackle his learning challenges.

Just look at that smile! So many Variety KC Kids like Chase would benefit from and iPad and apps to help with communication and learning. Don’t all kids deserve their best chance to learn?  Donate today at   Thank you!