Variety KC recently received this request and letter from Elijah’s parents – and we had to help! 

Eli is our 3rd out of 4 children. He is an amazing person! He loves to read, play ball, listen to music and interact with his siblings. He has the most fantastic smile. My oldest son describes Eli’s smile saying, “It could light up the whole world!” We think of Eli as the blessing our family didn’t even know we needed. Having this bike would help Eli keep up with his older siblings while strengthening his muscles. We live close to a park that Eli loves to go to. We think it would empower him greatly to be able to ride his “bike” to the park like his siblings.

When we first had Eli we were so worried! How will he function? What will he be able to do? Eli has greatly surprised us! He has his own interests, wants and needs just like our other children. He loves to read and play ball. He also loves the Royals! Watching baseball with Daddy is one of his favorite things. He brings a deeper meaning to our family and he is the blessing we didn’t even know we needed. He has a strong connection with his siblings and enjoys getting their applause when he accomplishes a difficult skill.

Eli is a very hard worker. In therapy he focuses very hard to try to complete the tasks in front of him. He then makes sure to practice them at home on his own. He even moves my hands to hold things like his therapists. It makes us a little sad that so many skills we took for granted with our other children are so hard for Eli. It shouldn’t make us sad though because Eli doesn’t feel sad at all about it. He sees so much joy in his world and he helps us see the joy in things too. His smile can light up a room and you can see his deep love for life.

Having this bike will help him get around at places he loves like parks. It will also help strengthen his muscles so he can PLAY MORE BALL! The strength that comes from riding a bike is invaluable in all his therapies.”

Thanks to generous Variety KC supporters, Eli is getting his bike!  Please help Variety KC to ensure all kids have a chance to ride a bike. Donate today

Thank you!