George is a sweet 6-year-old boy who loves being around other children and hearing their voices. He is non-verbal, but he loves to sing, coo and explore with his voice. He is unable to sit, stand or walk on his own, but he loves to use the stander at school during PT and OT to activate his muscles during weight bearing. He is unable to process what he sees, but he loves to feel different textures, especially soft ones, with his hands and feet, and he also loves holding hands with his family.

Since George is unable to sit or stand, changing his position throughout the day is important. He typically is in a special tomato chair, his wheelchair, laying on a blanket or being held while he is at home. He is very happy and wiggly and wants to move all the time by either kicking his legs or flailing his arms. If he were able to, he would be running all over the place. He had a stander that we received from Infant Toddler Services, but he outgrew it more than a year ago. Being in the stander for at least an hour a day helps George get the physical activity he needs and also helps with motility/digestive issues. It would also help with positioning and active play with George’s older sister Grace. The stander will also provide great weight bearing activity that George desperately needs on a daily basis to help with his hips and spine to avoid/postpone surgery on those two areas.

What a difference a stander could make! Having a stander at home will allow George to experience weight bearing and playtime, while also giving him another option for positioning. Currently, we rotate George from his wheelchair, to rolling on the floor, then to another special chair for feeding. It will be great for George to be able to feel the sensation of standing with the assistance of a safe piece of equipment. And it will allow him to play with toys in a new position, and enhance his daily life at home.