From the Variety KC mailbox:

My daughter Harriet has significant developmental delays, most noticeably with her speech. She is falling further and further behind from her neurotypical peers as her language delays also add to her social and emotional delays. Harriet’s gross and fine motor delays also pose constant challenges for her. We are going to speech, PT, and OT, and have enrolled her in a wonderful preschool that will help foster her growth and progress.

Harriet has a very sweet and happy temperament. She loves exploring, singing, flipping through books, and playing in her kitchen. We love singing songs and attending music classes together.

Harriet loves climbing onto her older brothers tricycles, bikes, and scooters, but she lacks the gross motor development to make these fun ride on toys go. The Velcro pedals and hand cranks make the Amtryke a bike that Harriet can actually use! I think it will help her motor planning as well as gross motor skills immensely. She can actually be a part of family walks rather than simply being pushed in the stroller.

Variety KC wants Harriet to get active, get out there…and get involved with her family and neighbors. Harriet is getting her bike from caring Variety KC supporters. After all, doesn’t every child deserve a bike? Help us to make that happen – donate today at

Thank you!