Variety KC recently received this letter on behalf of Hunter, a teenager going through a number of life changes:

Hunter is nearly a teen and has been diagnosed with severe autism, simple complex seizures,impulse control disorder, ADD, feeding difficulties with feeding tube.and pervasive developmental disorder.Even with these challenges, he is in main stream courses for science and math (for just the second time ever!)

At school they work online with Mac computers and when they send home homework, he is having trouble with the different formatting on his old iPad. His autism team confirms that  newer device will help Hunter out, but his school doesn’t provide devices for home use. (Hunters iPad is outdated, has battery troubles and a cracked screen.) A bigger screen will help him out because he has glasses, which are hard to keep on him. 

Hunter also has noise sensitivities like most autism kiddos, and it’s been suggested that we try the noise canceling earphones so that the old big earphones don’t call attention to him at social events or in the school setting.  Hunter is very excited about electronics and  he will work on other projects in exchange for time on youtube. We also use the electronic device to encourage communication with other peers his age.  Hunter has extreme social behaviors he tends to stay to himself unless he is prompted by parents with what to say. This would change both Hunter’s life and his parent’s lives during his hard transition to teen years and to middle school main stream classes. 

Hunter’s personality is spunky!  He enjoys electronic items, trains and nerf guns. His meds make it hard for him to be out in the sun because he can come down with heat stroke faster…so he tends to stay inside where its cooler.  We enjoy watching learning shows, how-to shows, shows about trains (lots of shows about trains, he is so fascinated by them! You would be shocked to hear the amount of knowledge he has discovered about trains over the past 10 years. 

Variety KC partners have seen tremendous benefits from the use of communication and assistive technology devices and Hunter is getting his new iPad. Please help us to make sure that every child has the tools they need for success at school and home. Donate today at  Thank you!