Hunter has Cerebral Palsy. He can walk short distances with a walker and maneuvers all over in a wheelchair. He is mostly nonverbal but can use a communication device. Also, He knows some signs and will gesture to get his needs met.

Hunter is a loving, sweet, and charming boy. He loves to be outside working in the garage or doing yard work with his dadHe is very active and one has to make him take a break. Hunter is very curious about his world and those “gears” in his head are always turning.

Hunter’s curious mentality is what keeps him learning about his world. He wants nothing more than to play along side his sister. He has tried an adaptive bike at therapy and he loves it! He tries to push with his legs and you can see his face light up. He takes awhile to physically adjust to something new so after time I know he will be able to ride a bike on his own with little to no assistance. Riding along side his sister and/or friends would light up his world.

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