What is it like to raise a child with the following disabilities? Severe autism, pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified (F84.9), Sensory processing disorder, Impulse control disorder, ADHD, Charge syndrome, Sleep disorder; At risk for elopement; Chronic idiopathic constipation; and Eczema.  Read the letter below from Isabella’s mom and you’ll see that Isabella has a very full life and lots of interests, and just needs some special equipment to make the world easier to navigate. 

Isabella Is a 6-year-old with severe autism. She is not potty trained, and has communication difficulties along with anxieties in the community. She is an active child who is currently dealing with chronic bathroom issues that has resulted in hospital stays last year and it looks like there is another one potentially in her future.

Isabella has impulse control disorder she will take off without a notice we use her medical stroller for most of her outings to help with her anxiety and wandering. Isabella has multiple doctor appointments which we use the iPad as a distraction she currently has a iPad 3 that is on its last leg with cracks on screen case nearly falling off battery life is nearly just enough to handle a small outing. Isabella uses gun ear muffs for noise control, but that buts a big target on her at school for bullying we are wanting noise canceling headphones to allow her to look and fit in with the crowds to allow “normalcy” even for a bit. She uses them all the time from severe storms, trash trucks picking up trash, mowers, stores etc…….

She LOVES sports from Baseball, Hockey Mavericks (hockey horse) and football. Isabella is also a technology kid – she LOVES music and is always singing in her own Bella way.  Her fav tune is “Baby Shark Metal Version” – it’s so cute she has learned a lot of social cues from videos and apps which is wonderful.

As a family with multiple children with special needs, it makes it difficult to provide everything that is needed for them to succeed. We have two severe autism kiddos and a developmental disorder kiddo – it makes for a fun day in our household especially when a beloved item isn’t working right causing meltdowns and fits. Isabella loves to ride her trike which is getting small for her but loves to put the tablet in her basket and just jam as we ride the tricycle its adorable to see her confidence grow over the years. We travel to Columbia Missouri every month for MU Childrens hospital and Thompson Center to get the kids the best care available for autism and etc. The thompson center is the number 1 autism center in Missouri and worth the drive and money it takes to go out there multiple times a year we use the iPad for those long trips along with waiting room waits which are difficult for Isabella we have a travel bad just for her to help sometimes. Isabella loves video games especially Minecraft I may not get the concept of the game but she loves it just destroying the blocks and building them over and over lol the average cost of one special needs child is like 3 normal children cost and our family we have 3 special need children every cent is tight and accounted for to provide for Isabella and her siblings

isabella’s personality is spunky and sassy.  She loves to jump on the trampoline, ride her trike, and she is a heavy sensory seeking kiddo – she loves tiny figures to just carry in her hands (safety blanket type) she loves video games and her all time fav therapy to do was dancing and bowling. 

An iPad would allow her, along with us, to use school apps in classroom to work on at home to help her keep up with classmates. Currently she is being placed In a regular classroom and pulled for special education classes to fit her learning plan.

Variety KC’s donors believe that all kids need a voice – and Isabella is getting her iPad. Please help us to make sure every child has a way to communicate their needs and wants. Donate today at varietykc.org/donate. Thank you!