My son has several things things wrong with him. He has had 5 surgeries early in life. He is diagnosed with Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome, a rare disorder. That syndrome includes developmental delays, low muscle tone, adhd, intellectual disability. Jonah is a very large child(most kids with this disorder are the opposite He got his first pair of fat wheels at age 5. Now that he is 8 1/2, he has grown quite a bit since he received his first pair. He now stands 5 foot tall at 8! So his child bike and training wheels no longer work for him. He would use the Fat Wheels training wheels to help with balance and stability. They help make cycling easier than without.  As most children with special needs, all the services and devices you need for them add up and can get quite expensive. The gifts you are giving help serve children with many devices or bikes, or even training wheels they would go with out.

Jonah is such a fun, sociable child. He is loved by many. He loves the outdoors, art, painting, drawing, photography, swimming. We like as a family going to special events around the city, going on trips, waterparks, or even playing in the backyard. I would like for him to increase his bike skills so we can start bike riding as a family. Jonah is very caring. That is my favorite trait of his. If someone gets hurt he is worried about them, if someone is sick, he is worried about them etc.

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