We appreciate the referrals from our partnering organizations, like this one from AbilityKC – about a little boy named Johnier.

Johnier attends AbilityKC for outpatient services in both occupational therapy and speech therapy. He has a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental delay. Johnier is a pleasant, curious and motivated 5-year-old boy who is functionally nonverbal and requires the use of an ACC (LAMP Words for Life) device to effectively express his needs and function in daily activities. Johnier is currently learning to communicate through a loner ACC (LAMP) device at home, school and during therapy sessions. Johnier is not yet an independent user with his device and relies on contact gestures for immediate needs. He is able to communicate preferred wants on the device with visual or verbal prompting. He has the fine motor skills required to isolate his index fingers and accurately push on a selected icon for independent use of the device. An AAC device such as (LAMP) is the most appropriate mode of communication that will allow him the greatest independence to participate during learning, socialization and everyday activities considering his fine motor abilities. 

LAMP Words for Life requires the use of distinct motor patterns to access and grow one’s vocabulary. Johnier had delayed motor skills, play skills, developmental and cognitive delay and problems with sensory processing. Since he is experiencing such delays, he requires consistent motor patterns for accessibility to vocabulary without a demanding cognitive load when participating in activities. Without access to a device, Johnier is unable to fully participate in occupational therapy sessions as he cannot verbalize wants and needs or distinguish between choices, which leads to temper tantrums that can take extended time to recover from. It is medically necessary for him to have a device to participate in school and everyday activities because communication is required for learning, socialization, and basic living needs.”

We agree! And Johnier is getting his device. Communication is required for learning, socialization, and basic living needs for all kids! Won’t you help Variety KC to help give all kids a voice?  Donate today, www.VarietyKC.org/donate/