What nine-year old young man wants to be carried around? And honestly, how safe is it for parents and caregivers to carry an older child? Josiah is a active guy who is challenged with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,  a degenerative muscle disorder. He is struggling with longer walking distances and is in danger of falling. A scooter would help give him some independence and a way to keep up with his brother (who also has DMD.This scooter would give him mobility, a way to get where he needs to go without struggling or falling, and yes – it means nobody would have to carry him (which can be so embarrassing for a nine-year old)  Josiah’s parents say It would mean so much to receive the gift of a scooter. Like many families with special needs children, they have a high deductible health plan with many out-of pocket costs, so financially trying to purchase a scooter would be very difficult right now. Variety KC has the most caring partners and donors possible! They understand how important it is for Josiah to be mobile and be included. Josiah will get his scooter, but there are so many other kids who are left sitting at home for the lack of a piece of equipment. Help us to get them all moving! Donate today at https://varietykc.org/donate/

Thank you!