Kaden for President! That’s right, he aims high. And why not, he has already accomplished so much in his short life. Kaden’s diagnosis is Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. This presents some communication barriers, but you would be amazed by how well he makes himself understood by simply blinking “yes” or “no.”  The problem is, it’s hard to be president and improve the lives of all future generations by just blinking his eyes. Most people don’t understand his form of communication so he needs a way to be heard.

Kaden loves to advocate for those with all abilities and today, Variety KC is advocating for Kaden. Currently with the use of his iPad and his mom assisting with his arm – Kaden can type out his thoughts and ideas. But, this isn’t true independence. His wish is to be like his peers and independently communicate (sorry mom). He’ll be able to do that with a Microsoft Surface Pro and PCEye Bracket. Using his eyes, Kaden will be able to type by himself and be easily understood. (And he has plenty to say!)

There is no stopping this young man, except the expense of these resources.  Help Kaden be heard – and then let’s just see where he goes!  Donate now at www.varietykc.org/donate     Thank you!