Of course we said “yes” – Please read this letter from Kenny’s mother:

“My little boy’s name is Kenny. He has autism spectrum disorder. He is a very happy, affectionate, and energetic boy. He has a vivid imagination and loves Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Kenny has issues with balance and motor skills. He has tried to learn how to ride a two wheeled bike for years with no success and lots of frustration, not even with training wheels. He is unable to balance himself and coordinate the balance and simultaneous movement required for a two wheeled bike.

Now he is at the size where I can’t hold him on the bike to help him balance or guide him on it (we’ve tried that too). When he sees the neighborhood kids his age riding down our sidewalk on their bikes he tries to run after on foot and catch up with them. I know he wants to be like them and experience what it feels like to ride a bike outside. Having the adaptive tricycle would benefit Kenny physically, socially, and emotionally. It would give him the opportunity to interact more with peers, increase his self esteem and sense of accomplishment. It would give him the opportunity
for more movement and encourage a healthy lifestyle, especially since he also struggles with weight issues.”

She is exactly right – every child deserves a bike and it does contribute to confidence, physical wellness, and belonging!  Help us to make sure every child has a bike. Donate today at www.varietykc.org/donate   Thank you!