Leo is 7 years old and has Down syndrome. What comes with this is a lower muscle tone and a great ability to be squishy and contort his body in away to be quit escape artist. Unfortunately Leo is very good of getting out of his big booster sale 5 point harness car seat. I have found from other parents that the ridesafer travel vest could be a much better safe option for Leo. This would make driving Leo daily about 30 minutes from our home on the highway to his therapies much safe and give me much more peace of mind for his mobile safety in our car. Leo also has 2 older driving brothers and Leo it would be much easier to have them help me if Leo needs to be picked up or taken with them somewhere if they didn’t have to lug the existing car seat they could use the Ridesafer travel vest instead. It would also be helpful for going on field trips with Leo’s school. Unfortunately it is a cost that I don’t really have currently and I would really like to get for him as soon as it would be possible to make it safer for him to travel with me.

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