Liam is an amazing kiddo!  His condition, Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, has created a number of challenges for Liam. One of those challenges is safely maintaining a comfortable position. In the past, Variety KC was able to help Liam by providing a “Tomato Chair.”  These chairs are designed by therapists and engineers – creating a comfortable way to position Liam….and because of it, he has been doing great things!  He has some movement in his hands and legs, and is now able to communicate visually.

Like all kids, Liam is growing. He has outgrown his old chair and needs help with a new one in order to continue participating and engaging from a safe position. Variety KC was there for Liam then and is there for him now!  Sometimes a mobility need is something as basic as helping a child sit up correctly….that may seem like second nature to you, but for some Variety Kids, it’s next to impossible.  Let’s make the seemingly impossible POSSIBLE for all Variety Kids. Donate today at

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