Logan is diagnosed with autism and is non-verbal. Logan became non-verbal at about 18 months. When he was two years old we started speech therapy. Though it is hard at times we do our best to understand each other and Logan‘s needs. He started going to pre-school at 3 years old and has loved it. His speech therapist at school has seen lots of improvement and Logan and does well in using a device to communicate his needs and wants.

Logan loves learning and one of his favorite things is the alphabet. He’s very loving and patient. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors and looking at books. We are very lucky to have Logan in our family and look forward to being able to better communicate with him. Right now he has to try and tell us what he needs by pointing, so it can take a while to figure out what he is needing. Having a device where he can tell us right away what he wants will make things much easier and less frustrating for Logan.

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