McCoy was diagnosed with these disabilities: 1q43-44 Deletion Syndrome, Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, Microcephaly, and Global Delays. However, McCoy’s conditions don’t begin to describe the determined young man you see here! Just read what his mom has to say:

McCoy is the most determined person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. From the moment he was born he has had to work very hard to learn skills like sucking, swallowing, smiling, reaching out, grasping items, sitting up, and many others skills that come so easily to most of us. Although he is non-verbal, it is clear by simply looking into his smiling eyes that he has so much to say! It is a real struggle to see your child full of personality, but not have a voice or physical ability to convey his needs, feelings and opinions. Having a way for him to express things like wanting a drink of milk, or if he is ready to get our of his stander, would also be giving him the gift of independence. If eyes could speak his would be that of a million words. Providing him a tool like Touch Chat with a unit that is easy to handle and use like the iPad Mini with keyguard could open up his world to so much possibility!

Variety KC wants to help McCoy express those million words and he is getting his communication device. Every child needs a voice….a way to connect…to express wants and needs. Won’t you help us to help others like McCoy?  Please donate today at