Ruby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The spasticity in her diagnosis describes that many of Ruby’s major muscle groups are permanently flexed or tight/rigid. The spasticity in her muscles makes it difficult to control her muscles and to walk, plus has created tension on some of her joints. Ruby’s hip joints were at significant risk of dysplasia and she underwent major surgery in 2016 that involved cutting through and inserting donor bone in her femurs and pelvic bones to completely restructure her hip joints.

Ruby was abandoned in China at the age of 1, presumably after her diagnosis. Ruby was adopted when she was nearly 4 years old. From the moment her parents met her, Ruby has displayed her vivacity, tenacity, and spark. She is an extraordinary young lady who traverses a difficult physical existence with grace and infectious joy. Ruby has had multiple surgeries to improve the structure of her hips and to allow her to get her heels down when walking. Ruby did not achieve the ability to walk until she was 7 years old, and after a significant hip surgery in 2016, spent the next 2 years in a wheelchair. Ruby’s surgeries have also involved surgically lengthening multiple muscles and tendons, all of which are painful and difficult recoveries. While the surgeries were difficult we are hugely grateful to her talented surgeon and physical therapist, each of whom have been with Ruby since she was 4 years old, and who have provided Ruby with optimal structure to give her every opportunity to successfully walk. Ruby is working hard to gain strength, balance, and functionality so that she can attend high school this fall by walking with the support of her mobility service dog. At this point in Ruby’s development, strength development will be a major need to build functionality, endurance, and proper gait. As is common with teenagers, Ruby would like to fit in with her peers more. She has multiple scars from her many surgeries, and often feels left behind when trying to traverse life in her wheeled devices; either wheelchair or walker. We, and her surgeon and physical therapist, believe that the Total Gym will allow her to incorporate daily strength training into her routine.

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