Disability:Cerebral Palsy, Multiple cognitive and learning disabilities, ADHD, Anxiety – a long list of conditions and NONE of them define Ruby! 

Ruby was born in Ethiopia and we were fortunate to adopt her when she was 19 months. She did not walk at that time, but after wearing Sure Step braces, then AFO’s, receiving botox injections in her legs every 3 months, physical therapy 1-3 times a week for years, surgery last year to correct her scissoring, and then having all the hardware removed just 5 months later due to her rapid growth, she’s made tremendous progress. Ruby has always struggled with muscle weakness and her left side is weaker than her right due to her cerebral palsy. Despite her challenges, she loves being active and outside, and wants to do what her siblings or the whole family is doing.”

Ruby is also super tall for her age, and her family has tried for years to get bikes with training wheels, but they just don’t work very well. She still struggles with balancing, so when she starts leaning to one side, the smaller training wheels don’t hold up and she tips over. She also still struggles with the actual peddling part, so a bike that is easy to pedal, or ones with just hand brakes would be best. Ruby would love just to go outside and ride a bike by herself, without her dad and mom having to hold the back of the bike and going around with her to make sure she doesn’t fall over.

Variety KC Donors want that sense of freedom and independence for Ruby too!  And Ruby is getting her bike, after all, doesn’t every child deserve to ride a bike?  Help us make that happen!  Donate today at varietykc.org/donate/    Thank you!