Sienna had a brain injury before she was born and she’s had a difficult journey. It started with seizures just before she was the age of one. She is not able to feed herself or talk. She’s dependent on an adult to feed and move her. Still, Sienna has learned so much already! She’s learning to work with an assisted technology device to communicate. She’s beginning to take a few steps. And, she’s taking her nutrition by mouth and no longer dependent on a feeding tube. (She’s also being potty trained.) Sienna is a super hard worker and will only continue to do great things!

Sienna’s mode of transportation is her wheelchair. At the age of eight, she has grown too big for her parents to lift her in and out of the vehicle safely. Outings are limited and well thought through in order to get Sienna in and out of the vehicle. With a wheelchair van, Sienna would be able to get out more, to attend sporting events for her siblings, go to family fun outings and be more mobile in her world.

Inclusion for Sienna requires a wheelchair van to transport both Sienna and her wheelchair. With an adaptive van, Sienna would be able to socialize with her family, friends, and community – and explore her world beyond her house. 

Variety KC partners and donors want to help Sienna get out and experience the world. We believe every kid should have the chance to Be Active, Be Social and Belong!  If you believe that too – please donate today at Thank you!