Waylen has recently been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy along with many movement disorders. Waylen is not mobile and needs a lot of help on a day to day basis. Some of the medical equipment can be very difficult and not easy to transport. Waylen is getting older and needs a stroller that would be supportive and also easy to transport.

As a special needs mama life can be difficult sometimes, it can also be very rewarding. My son Waylen is now 3 years old and suffers from CP. Our day to day probably looks like most peoples but the daily struggle is real. I struggle as Waylen gets bigger to find a stroller that fits his needs when I simply need to run to the store for milk or diapers I have to prepare for his seating as he’s outgrowing all strollers at this time and getting too big for me to easily carry him. Waylen has a big brother named Wyatt (6) who is also his biggest fan and my biggest helper. Sometimes i feel guilty putting that on my 6 year old to help me so much but truth is I am blessed to have such amazing little boys I get to call mine.

These boys are my pride and joy and they bring so much happiness to my life daily. Just seeing Wyatt playing with cars and Waylen trying to reciprocate brothers movements is so rewarding. We can do things like work on sitting and movements when just playing with his brother. I try to incorporate therapies into our day to day play to further Waylen‘s development while he’s also being a 3 year old boy. Waylen loves to be outside and on the go with mama, this stroller would help our family so much and be a huge stress reliver. Also just knowing he’s properly positioned and supported in the way he should be. We appreciate all of you at Variety <3

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