Everybody is different – when you look at Zach, you see the difference. He is 17-years old and 47 inches tall, about the same height as an average 2nd grader. His head and trunk are the same size as an average teen, but his arms and legs are short.

People stare, point, take pictures, but he understands he looks different. Zach knows that someone did not teach them not to make fun of someone who looks different. So, he educates. He goes to different schools and teaches kids that it is okay to be different. That everyone deserves to be included, regardless of size of whatever their difference is. Once you get past his size, you see how awesome he is.

Zach has enough obstacles to overcome in life. He has to fit in a world not made for short people. Whether it be public restrooms, ATMs, fast food counters, he has to adjust. We just want to try and make his life a little easier to participate with all kids his age. He leaves a positive image where ever he goes. He doesn’t want to remembered for his size, he likes to meet people, educate, get them used to seeing that everyone is different but that everyone is also the same. Zach believes that his success will not be based on his height and that his height will not define him. He wants kids and adults, to think about what they are going to say before they say it. Will it hurt, do you want it said to you, do you want to be treated that way?

To help Zach keep up with his peers, Variety KC provided a mini-Segway to enhance his mobility. It helps him get from the locker room to the football field quickly (he’s the manager for his high school team). It will be also be important for his use on campus next year! V

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