I was born and raised in the Kansas City area, where I met my husband of 32 years. Together we have raised 2 daughters. 
In 4th grade, I met a classmate who had Cerebral Palsy with limited physical abilities. I quickly learned that he didn’t allow his disability to be a reason for not participating in 4th grade activities. We developed a friendship and our teacher allowed me to spend time with him playing catch, participating in playground games, using scissors to cut things out, practicing handwriting and just having fun together.  Little did I know, at the time, but our teacher was doing her part to ensure that my classmate was being included. My passion for children with disabilities, and making them feel included, has grown from there.
I have been actively involved with Variety KC for 4 years as a volunteer.  It is exciting to connect my passion for making all children feel included with the programs that Variety offers. At MW Builders, we have been a proud partner with Variety participating financially in addition to helping with the construction of the fencing at the Leawood City Park inclusive playground.