Blog: How to Create Compassionate Kids?
Being somewhat quarantined still, there’s a lot of togetherness and focus on close family and friends.
This new year, in an effort to get the wee ones in our family to think outside of their family circle, we are focusing on the future. Where will we go when we can travel safely, what will we do? And most importantly – who will we share our time with? If there’s one thing we have learned at this time – life is more fun with lots and lots of friends in it!
This is a great time and opportunity to think of others, to talk about the ways to meet up with friends and to include everyone in our future plans. We are encouraging each child in the family to think of a friend or family member they would like to honor with a gift  for Variety KC.
As my nephew says, “let’s play with all the friends!
I agree – let’s play with all the friends! Let’s make this a year of virtual giving for Variety KC! Happy New Year- Variety KC, thanks for building an inclusive community for all of us – and all our friends.
Let’s create a New YEAR for ALl kids to PLAY!