Most Inclusive Soccer Stadium in the World

Introducing the most purposely inclusive stadium ever- right here in KC, home of Variety KC’s #InclusionRevolution.

Variety KC has partnered with Sporting KC and the Victory Project to help make Children’s Mercy Park the most welcoming stadium for people with disabilities. It is our hope that other cities, arenas, and stadiums will follow our lead.
The single largest minority population is the 26% of Americans with a disability. Unfortunately, this population is oftentimes invisible because the world simply isn’t built to allow them to participate. With these changes, EVERYONE can participate and enjoy watching Sporting KC play – live!

Here are the changes that make this possible:

  • Variety KC’s Sensory Room provides guests a sanctuary if the excitement and environment get overwhelming. Young guests can quiet down with a room filled with sensory toys and gadgets, while parents can still watch the game on a TV until the child is ready to re-enter the game.
  • Variety KC Sensory Backpacks can be checked out for FREE at guest services. These backpacks include noise cancelling headsets, weighted blankets, fidget toys and battery chargers for iPads.
  • Visitors will find four adult -sized changing tables throughout the stadium. These are located in the family restrooms and allow privacy for families to help toileting with dignity.
  • Variety KC Communication Boards are located at the first aid areas of the stadium and will allow non-verbal children to easily communicate their wants and needs to friends and families.
  • Children Mercy Park staff has been trained to recognize families who may need assistance and are informed on how to assist in a kind and friendly manner.
  • Handicap Parking is available to guests with special needs and ample accessible seating is available, including seating for families and friends.

We are so proud of the efforts to include all kids and families into the world of live in-person soccer!  It’s one more step in our goal to create a true inclusion revolution in KC. One where all kids and families are welcome – and all can Be Active, be Social and Belong.