Children’s Mercy: Hospital lobby

It’s Hard to be what you cant see- Variety KC and Children’s Mercy hospital is changing that!

Our Inclusion Revolution is growing! Walking into CMH lobby you are surrounded by color, whimsy and joy.

While visiting a Variety Child on one of the floors I was surprised after leaving the lobby the feeling of Whimsy gave way. The pictures lining the walls were dated and disconnected… random pictures of cows…. florals and the ones with kids that had disabilities- the need was hidden. (Invisible)

I immediately thought of what a positive change and feel the halls of CM would have if people saw real families and kids like theirs grace the halls. Switch the dated images out for our beautiful inclusive photos by international award-winning photographer- Colleen Christi.

Her pictures of various Variety kids of all colors, abilities, sizes celebrating each child’s uniqueness, the joy they have in life and things they love. An expression of true Inclusion. If these pictures were updated then walking the halls of CMH would represent the kids they serve-and they serve the largest minority population we have- people with disabilities. So many Variety kids visit CMH for Doctors’ appointments, therapy, fitting for equipment and often long medical stays. Shouldn’t the walls represent this population of CHM patients- Wouldn’t it be wonderful if families and kids were welcomed by images of kids that looked like them- familiar and champion achievement.

Variety KC helps a Variety of kids with a Variety of special needs with a Variety of equipment and opportunities towards inclusion and those kids need to be seen and celebrated. So the story goes-here is another shining example that sharing your thoughts and dreams with others helps dreams come true. Dr. Ann Modrcin who is a tremendous physician at CMH and also a Variety BOD member loved the idea of updating the old images with bright fresh faces of kids that champion their special needs and differences…That gives kids true Super Powers!!

Dr. Ann shared this dream with the new and AMAZING VP of Inclusion at CMH- Michele Wimmes. And Michelle jumped on the idea to kick off the Joy in the workplace campaign. Thank you to the CMH team and to all who believe in positive change towards inclusion for all. The more we see this largest minority population in our world the more it will become the new normal and people of all abilities will be welcomed and celebrated.

Change is coming!!!!! Stay Tuned!!