It was such a pleasure to speak to you today.
As I mentioned, it has been several years since Variety KC helped us purchase our accessible van.  It is hard for me to believe that nine months from now, our son, Samuel, will leave home for college.
As you can imagine, I am quite nostalgic about a number of things.  As the father of two boys with physical disabilities, as this time passes this year, I realize more and more how many people and how many hands have helped us raise our children.  In Daniel and Samuel’s situation it has been very humbling to accept that many of our needs for adequate transportation were outside our financial resources.
Deborah, through the generosity of your organization, Daniel and Samuel have both been able to participate in a rigorous academic achievement and have both participated in many other school activities.  At Brigham Young University, Daniel was employed as the President of the Resident Housing Association.  This was a paid position he held for two years.  He was accepted to the Journalism School and is preparing for a career as a public speaker.  As a senior in high school, Samuel is working on applying to colleges currently.  He has the great blessing of having scored a 1580 out of a possible 1600 on the SAT exam.  So, he is able to set his sights on many schools that would be outside our financial abilities.
I can say with conviction that the great accomplishments these wonderful young men have made it in part due to the generosity of organizations like Variety.
Thank you for your willingness to help our family accomplish great things.  Your contributions in helping Daniel and Samuel be included with their peers in the broad range of activities is having tangible results in shaping their futures.  For that it is difficult to adequately articulate my appreciation.
Please keep making a difference in the lives of these amazing kids in Kansas City.  I am sure I am not alone in thanking God for letting our path intersect with you all.  At this Christmas time, I wish you all great joy and peace.  May the grace of God continue to light your path and bless your efforts in making the world a better and more inclusive place.
With great love and respect,
DeWayne J Andersen
Hero Support for Daniel and Samuel Andersen