Variety Tent 8 has been serving Kansas City area for more than 85 years and we are fortunate to have a corporate partner who has served our community even longer! For over a hundred years, UMB Bank has been committed as a strong community partner who invests their time, resources and talent to organizations and issues that matter to them. Variety is one of those organizations.

The reasons UMB is Tent 8’s nominee for the Corporate Award are diverse and ongoing:

  1.    Offering financial planning and introducing Variety KC to foundations and donors through the trust department.
  2.    Providing much needed volunteers for major efforts.
  3.    Providing valuable Live Auction items for our annual largest fundraisers for increased financial support.
  4.     In 2020, UMB’s President and CEO – Jim Rine and his wife Melanie, are serving as the Co-Chairs of the Variety Show.
  5.   UMB Locations serve as drop off sites for Variety Donation Bins which provide sustainable income.
  6.   Presentation of Variety mobility gifts to children at bank branches with employees.

Kansas City is the 30th largest metro area in the USA, but is ranked 9th nationally in number of not-for-profits organizations. Competition for funding and awareness is tremendous, and highly visible corporate partners like UMB are approached for help constantly. To their credit, UMB has been steadfast in their commitment to causes benefitting children, especially those with special needs and medical challenges. What’s more, they’ve been instrumental in connecting Variety KC with like-minded organizations for additional support.

It’s not a stretch to claim that UMB is a major reason that Variety Tent 8 has been able to serve kids in our shared area for 85 years, and it’s a partnership we respect and cherish, and hope to honor and acknowledge them with this prestigious Corporate Award.