Variety KC Kids Showcased in Photo Shoot

Working with renown KC Children’s Fashion Photographer, Colleen Christi, Variety KC is holding a fashion photo shoot, showcasing Variety KC kids with special needs.

The photos will be used by Variety KC to celebrate the beauty of all children! The children featured in the photos will be photographed with the mobility and communication devices they use each day. One inspiration for the effort is the recent attention to the bullying of kids with disabilities. Variety KC wants to shine a light on the true faces of disabilities and help to build the confidence of these beautiful children who deserve the same love and respect that all children do. It’s too often an “invisible” population and Variety KC wants to be sure they are truly seen.

“All kids shine, and they all deserve their moment in the spotlight,” says Deborah Wiebrecht, Executive Director of Variety KC. “Colleen Christi’s photography is powerful and memorable.  Through her lens, she is able to show that Variety KC Kids are amazing and kids with special needs should be included in marketing messages and campaigns to help create a cultural change of inclusion.”

In 2019, Colleen Christi was honored with and International Variety award for her first KC photoshoot.

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