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We filmed the new “Beer for Bikes” video today with Brockton Creative Group (they truly are  the most CREATIVE people ever…) It was so much fun. One of the Young Variety volunteers said ” Can we do this every SATURDAY?” …and I agree. To use your time creatively with  people  that have giving hearts is such a wonderful experience and a great way to spend your day.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out…

Ordered the New Variety Mascot costume…can hardly wait for it’s arrival . I need a name for it let me know if you have any suggestions….


Like A Wheel

Life, like a wheel, goes around…and around…

A few years ago Variety was able to assist a young man named Zechariah. Zac is fully enjoying life, including his youth football team, which includes him (in his wheelchair) on the field for introductions during games. He’s an important part of the team and he loves it.
This year the team collected funds for a coach’s gift, but it was decided to gift Zac instead.  In “pay it forward” style, Zac’s family donated the money back to Variety as a thank you for the help received in the past.
Circle of life, circle of care and love.
Ironically, I recently was shopping at the plaza and saw a little boy in a wheelchair.  I introduced myself and gave the father my card, telling him that Variety is here if they would ever need help.
I found out later that it was Zac and his father!  Zac’s mother called to share the “small world” moment.  Is it a small world, or is it just proof positive that what goes around, comes around?
Let’s keep the wheels turning for those in need,

Full Circle


    • Amy Krouse Rosenthal accepted me as her friend on Facebook!
    • Think I found a Heart Shaped Variety mascot for all our events.
    • Met with the Auto Show Dealers Association organizers about an awesome Happy Hour Red Carpet VIP Preview event. (Full circle: Last year our ONA event I met a nice hardworking man from Harvest Production, Greg Turcotte and remembered him and his little boy Mikea. He now works at the Convention Center and remembered me. He is going to put together an amazing light display for our DJ for the Happy hour. Put Eric DJ Coomb up on a 4 foot display and surround him in cool lights.)
    • The Kansas City Royals called to invite us to the Royals Fan Fest!!! I need a mascot!
    • Tim McCoy has finished the beer for Bikes invitation, web site, facebook page and now is working on a great video for utube that we will film tomorrow …. Sent in an application for him to win  a volunteer award year…)
    • Sent Thank you’s to all the people who purchased Beer for Bike Tickets…
  • Everyone that we helped on Beer for Bikes last year…bought a sponsorship this year!

Jillian Michaels

Went on the Jillian Michaels Cruise in October with my sister…Loved it!  I met Giancarlo and told him about Variety and serving special need children. He told me that that was a huge interest to he and Jillian to develop exercises for that audience…Giancarlo told me he would have jhis assistant reach out to me to discuss further.

I followed up with an email to Jillian’s publicist….to my surprise I received a call from Jillian assistant, Daniel. they are working with Kyle Maynard. (Very cool man and motivational speaker). I put him in touch with Variety International and we invited Empowered media or any representative to our international convention in Chicago…

Variety International sent a lovely email offering to help with this project anyway we can….Put it out there and see what the Universe does with it…..

Every Day…do something for someone else and see what happens…

Remembered my favorite book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, “The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life”.
Her new project is a movie called the “Beckoning of Lovely: it will debut on 11/11/11 . It is a wonderful collaborative film on what Lovely means and that even the smallest of acts can have a lovely outcome. I emailed her to see what I could do in Kansas City to help her….

Will see what happens…I encourage you to watch what happened in Chicago on 9/9/09 and 10/10/10….LOVELY!

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