A Day Like No Other

Do you ever have those days were everything you need…gets done?
Today was one of those days..Everyone I needed help from came through with flying colors…I am blessed!
Morning Check List:

  • Board meeting in the morning and Shawnee Copy Center had everything ready by 7:00am. (check)
  • Mike Winne volunteered to create our Oscar Night America Invitations (check)
  • Sent Invitation to the Academy for approval (check)
  • Getting PSA tagged at the end for TV 9 and videos looped together for Beer for Bikes (check)
  • Got Royals 5K flyer from Brocton Creative Group for FanFest this weekend-sent for approval (check)
  • Wrote newsletter for January (check)
  • Received press release for Young Variety anniversary (check)
  • Started Krispy Kreme- Donate for Donuts campaign (check)
  • Lining up volunteers for this Saturday Fan Fest (check)
  • Sent Congratulations to Cathy Clay for her first day on the job at Alice 102 (check)
  • Got help reducing a quote for an adaptive bike for a sweet child in need (check)
  • Watched new Young Variety Video 4 times at http://www.beerforbikes.com/ (check)
  • Got my new Blog on the Variety Web site (check ,check)

and all before noon…

Kansas City Royals Fan Fest

george brett

Variety will be at the Fan Fest on Saturday to talk about our mission of mobility, to play games with the kids and talk about the Royals 5K….Lot of volunteers to help us. Hope to see everyone at the FANFEST!

Many Small Miracles!

Young Variety was just asked to be the benefactor of the Kansas City Auto Show preview Happy Hour Event…This is huge. Our charity will be able to host a party to preview this amazing one of a kind automobile experience.

The Auto Show has every car you could dream of on display to view and we get to host the preview….Then Variety will get to present an adaptive bike to a lucky child at the show on Saturday

Mark Moberly, The president of Young Variety was on TV 41 at noon to promote the Beer for Bikes Event…He ROCKED. After his segment aired tickets sold like hotcakes! The event is the second year and we hopefully will have a sell out crowd. Tickets on sale at www.beerforbikes.com.

Jillian Michaels

Saw the Beer for Bikes preview video. I am in awe at the talent that Young People have..The creative process of pulling time and talents together and watching the magic in the outcome in so inspiring.

Spoke to Jillian Micheals company about the video series for special need people. They are meeting with Kyle Maynard to  coordinate efforts.  Go to : kyle-maynard.com. Watch to see and be inspired by this amazing Young Man. Hopefully Variety  International will help with this worth while project…Everyone wants to move and feel good about themselves..Dream Big!