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Meet the Kids: Landon

Lagging behind his twin Say hello to Landon, the cutest little dimple-faced smile around. And, Landon is a twin! While in utero, Landon suffered a stroke and as a result he has hemiplegic cerebral palsy. As you can imagine, the driving force in his life is...

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Meet the Kids: Ellie

Down Syndrome isn't holding her back! Three-year-old Ellie is active, curious and full of life! Diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero, Ellie’s parents were determined to find resources, develop a supportive network, and work hard to make sure Ellie had...

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Meet the Kids: Hudson

The FIRST 3D prosthetic Arm in KC! Four-year-old Hudson needed a prosthetic arm. However, prosthetics are usually very expensive and children's prosthetics are rarely covered by insurance. The solution can be a 3D printing solution is both innovative AND...

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Danny’s Ride to Alaska

What does riding a bike mean? It means freedom…independence… mobility. Whether you’re on your motorcycle heading to Alaska or pedaling your first adaptive bike down the sidewalk to join your friends – everyone loves a bike! Variety KC’s...

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Meet the Kids: Darrius

Darrius Darrius is Variety Kid who can’t hear, speak, or walk. He is cared for by a dedicated grandmother who is finding it increasingly painful to move him as he grows. One major mobility hurdle is simply getting him out of the house in his wheelchair. A...

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Meet the Kids: Antonio

Blind & Deaf Child Needs Variety's Help Little Antonio is deaf, blind, and has Phelan McDermid Syndrome. Because of his lack of strength and motor skills, Antonio is unable to sit in a regular chair. He loves taking a bath, but has outgrown a safe baby...

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Meet the Kids: Connor

3 with Autism Connor is an adorable 3-year-old who has been diagnosed with Autism. At this time he is non-verbal; but he is trying so hard. His family can't understand the few sounds he makes and that frustrates him. His older brother also has Autism, but...

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Meet the Kids: Anthony

Can you imagine not being able to speak? It's a reality for Anthony. He has seen so many speech therapists and finally his family was given a name for the condition that makes him unable to speak, Apraxia. He is a little boy with so much to say and is...

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Meet the Kids: Kelvon

Van Lift will Change this Teenager's Life Kelvon is a seventeen-year-old with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, and static encephalopathy. He is totally home bound and relies on others for all his care. His family has done an...

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Meet the Kids: Nikolas

Bath Safety for Child with Disability Nikolas was born with a condition called Lenz Microphthalmia, it's a very rare condition with no prognosis. His condition makes his life quite complicated and he is unable to do anything on his own. He can roll over...

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Meet the Kids: Randi

Hypophosphatasia: Communication struggles Little Randi has hypophosphatasia and is vent-dependent. She relies on gestures to communicate, but seems to comprehend well. Her therapists feel she would benefit from a PRC Accent Communication device that could...

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Meet the Kids: Leyla

Williams Syndrome and the Need for Exercise Leyla has Williams Syndrome resulting in low muscle tone and limitations in both strength and posture. Her family is determined to provide opportunities for inclusion for Leyla and supports her development in...

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